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Carbon Nanotubes for Energy and Environmental Applications
Soney C. George, Jacob Philip, Ann Rose Abraham, A. K. Haghi

CRC Press 2022
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This new book, Carbon Nanotubes for Energy and Environmental Applications, covers the timely issue of green applications of carbon nanotubes. It covers the diverse usages of carbon nanotubes for the sensing of environmentally hazardous chemicals, for water purification, for the protection of the environment, and for new energy applications. The development of highly sensitive CNT-based gas sensors for air pollution monitoring, for green synthesis of carbon nanotubes, and for green energy applications are discussed in this volume. The diverse topics in the volume include nanodiamonds for energy storage, new lubricant additives that enhance energy efficiency, how carbon nanotubes can be applied in the food and agricultural sectors, the use of CNTs in water purification and desalination, carbon nanotubes-based electrochemical sensors for environmentally hazardous chemicals, and much more. This timely book addresses a need of the hour and will provide valuable for environmentally conscious industry professionals, faculty and students, and researchers in materials science, engineering, physics, and chemistry with interest in nanomaterials.

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