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Competition Law of the European Community 6th ed
Ivo Van Bael, Jean-Francois Bellis

Copertina rigida
Marzo 2021
Wolters Kluwer
Prezzo di copertina Euro 414.84


Competition Law of the European Union provides a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the EU competition rules as developed primarily by the Commission, the General Court and the Court of Justice. The new Sixth Edition of a major work by the well-known competition law team at Van Bael & Bellis in Brussels brings the book up to date to take account of the many developments in the case law and relevant legislation that have occurred since the Fifth Edition in 2010. The developments in EU competition law that have occurred have been largely incremental rather than momentous. The authors have also taken the opportunity to write a much-extended chapter on private enforcement and a dedicated section on competition law in the pharmaceutical sector. There has been significant change since the last edition with major cases and other developments in areas such as merger review procedure and cartel enforcement, and this edition will follow the successful format of previous editions covering these developments.

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