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Friston on Costs (book and digital pack)
Mark Friston

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Dicembre 2018
Oxford University Press
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Friston on Costs is the third edition of the acclaimed authority on civil costs law, previously entitled Civil Costs: Law and Practice. Separated into sixteen parts, this substantial text covers all aspects of the law of civil costs from the formation of contracts of retainers, funding, costs budgeting, and orders for and about costs, all the way through to the assessment of costs and beyond. The third edition has been extensively updated to take into account changes in the law following the Jackson reforms. It also includes discussions on the Consumer Rights Act 2015, alternative dispute resolution, alternative methods of pricing, and legal project management. Friston features thorough cross referencing throughout, enabling the user to easily locate answers to even the most complex of costs issues. It is an invaluable resource for costs judges and practitioners alike.

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