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FIDIC Contracts in Europe A Practical Guide to Application
Donald Charrett

Routledge 2022
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FIDIC contracts are the most widely used contracts for international construction around the world and are used in many different jurisdictions, both common law and civil law. For any construction project, the General Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC need to be supplemented by Particular Conditions that specify the specific requirements of that project. FIDIC Contracts in Europe: A Practical Guide to Application provides readers with detailed guidance and resources for the preparation of the Particular Conditions that will comply with the requirements of the applicable laws that apply to the site where the work is carried out, and for the governing law of the contract, for a number of the jurisdictions in which FIDIC contracts are used. This book closely follows the format of The International Application of FIDIC Contracts, with the addition of an outline of the construction industry and information on the impact of COVID-19 on both the execution and operation of construction contracts in each jurisdiction. This book is essential reading for construction professionals, lawyers and students of construction law.

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