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Basic polymer engineering data
Rao N.

ISBN 9781569906491
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Pagine 248
Agosto 2017
Carl Hanser Verlag
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Much more than a data reference, this book shows how to apply basic design data to solve practical problems in polymer engineering, via numerous examples. It uniquely offers both resin and up-to-date machine design data in a concise format, and shows how resin-compatible polymer processing equipment can be designed by using easily understandable computational procedures based on thermodynamics and rheology. Basic design data for resins (mechanical, thermal, rheological, electrical, and optical properties), machines, parts, and processes is complemented by demonstrations of how to apply this data for application in extrusion, blown film, thermoforming, and injection molding. It is designed for simplicity, and all calculations can be carried out with a handheld calculator. With a practical and time-saving approach to problem-solving in plastics processing, which in many cases negates the need for complex and expensive software or databases, this book is a handy tool for beginners, practicing engineers, students, and instructors in the field of plastics technology, and scientists from other fields with an interest in polymer engineering.

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