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Diagnostic gynecologic and obstetric pathology : An atlas and text
Reichert R. A.

ISBN 9781608310777
Pagine 704
Kluwer Law International
Dicembre 2011
Prezzo Euro 204.95 (*)
Sconto 10%

This book, which is designed to complement rather than compete with currently available literature, takes an image-intensive approach that provides the reader with the visual correlates and information necessary to evaluate the vast majority of the wide range of diseases encountered within this subspecialty. The gross and microscopic images in this atlas are presented exclusively in color, and are supplemented by pertinent clinical information and discussions of differential diagnostic considerations. When deemed appropriate, images of immunohistochemical and special stains are included. This atlas also includes numerous PAP smear images and cytologic-histologic correlations. In addition to coverage of pathology of the organs of the female genital tract, brief overviews of the normal histology of these sites are provided as necessary background information. Separate chapters are also devoted to placental and peritoneal pathology. There is an emphasis on diagnostic-related issues pertaining to common lesions and their variants, although classic forms of rare lesions are also presented. In selected instances, recommendations on the processing of gross pathology specimens, discussions regarding the optimal approach for intraoperative consultations, and recommendations on the phrasing of key portions of pathology reports are provided. The 10 chapters of this atlas are organized by site, and the beginning of each chapter lists the entities discussed and their corresponding page numbers.

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