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Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering
Uttam Ray Chaudhuri

ISBN 9781439851609
Pagine 411
Marzo 2011
CRC Press
Prezzo Euro 111.25
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The supply of petroleum continues to dwindle at an alarming rate, yet it is the source of a range of products — from gasoline and diesel to plastic, rubber, and synthetic fiber. Critical to the future of this commodity is that we learn to use it more judiciously and efficiently. Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering provides a holistic understanding of petroleum and petrochemical products manufacturing, presented in a step-by-step sequence of the entire supply chain. Filled with crucial information relevant to a range of applications, the book covers topics such as: •The essential preliminaries for the exploration and production of crude petroleum oil and gas •Analysis of crude oil and its petroleum products •The processing of petroleum in refineries •The fundamentals of lubricating oil and grease •Petrochemicals — their raw materials and end products, and manufacturing principles of industrially important products •Theories and problems of unit operations and the processes involved in refineries and petrochemical plants •Automatic operations in plants •Start up, shutdown, maintenance, fire, and safety operations •Commercial and managerial activities necessary for the ultimate success of a refining or manufacturing business Due to the advancement of technology, new petrochemicals are being invented and will continue to be relevant to the petroleum industry in the near future. Those entering the industry need a firm grasp of the basics as the field continues to open up new avenues of possibility, while at the same time being cognizant of the challenges that exist through the heightened focus on sustainable energy.

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