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Industrial tribology: Tribosystems, friction, wear and surface engineering, lubrication
Mang T., Bobzin K., Bartels T.

ISBN 9783527320578
Pagine 672
Gennaio 2011
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Tribology is the science of friction, wear and lubrication. It is a fast growing discipline generating a lot of interest at universities, industrial and other research centers, and has produced promising new results over the past five years. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, it requires efficient cooperation between mechanical engineers, materials scientists, chemists and chemical engineers, and even specialists in toxicology and environmental protection. Integrating very interesting results from the most important R&D project ever made in Germany, this ready reference and handbook offers a basic understanding of tribological systems and the latest developments in reduction of wear and energy consumption by tribological measures. The result is an analysis of the most important tribosystems using modern test equipment in laboratories and test fields, the latest results in material selection and wear protection by special coatings and surface engineering, as well as with lubrication and lubricants.

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