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International monetary and financial law
Giovanoli M., Devos D.

ISBN 9780199588411
Pagine 664
June 2010
Oxford University Press
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This new book from MOCOMILA, the Monetary Law Committee of the ILA, is a unique collaboration of the top academic and practitioner monetary and financial lawyers from around the world. It examines current legal issues of international monetary and financial law in the light of the current global financial crisis and consequent reforms of international and domestic financial architecture. The book deals with post-crisis financial regulation and supervision, including that of rating agencies and sovereign wealth funds, and financial crisis resolution with an analysis of bank rescue operations. Covering matters of current interest such as central banks, international payments, money laundering, and sovereign debt, this book is for banking and financial practitioners, in-house lawyers, central banks and international financial institutions as well as academics in the field of international and financial law.

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