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Ingredients in Meat Products
Tarte R.
ISBN: 9780387713267
Pagine 419
Febbraio 2009
Euro 66,95

Ingredients in Meat Products presents the most up-to-date information regarding the utilization of non-meat ingredients in the manufacturing of processed meat products, in a way that is both comprehensive and practical. Emphasis has been placed on helping the reader attain a fundamental understanding of: (i) the basic chemical and physical properties of each of these groups of ingredients, as we understand them today; (ii) how these properties affect their functionality in meat systems; and (iii) how to take advantage of the ingredients' functional properties to maximize their application in real-life situations.

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of twenty expert contributors from North America and Europe, representing both academia and industry, the volume discusses all the major types of ingredients used in processed meat products today, both in the context of their traditional uses, as well as, when applicable, in the context of more novel--and in many instances commercially unexploited--applications. New, "next-generation," ingredients are also discussed

Ingredients in Meat Products is intended as a primary reference on the subject for university, industry, and government meat science researchers; graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in the topic; and meat and food industry product development, quality, production and marketing personnel.

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